Essential Question
• What are potential obstacles
• What Instructional Methods could you use to support teaching and learning in this environment?
• What existing resources in your school could you use?
• How can you build upon past professional Learning experiences?
• What technologies can you use to help this situation?
• Can Collaborative Teaming help this situation?
• Altering Schedules
• Co-Teaching

Possible area of Investigation:
Differentiated Instruction
Constructivist Approaches to Learning (PBL)
Creative Problem-Solving (engagement activities)
Cooperative Learning
2 minute Inquiry-Based Learning exercises

Team Building and Critical Thinking activities
Student Centered Classroom
Research Based Practices--Transforming Education Through Technology--Classroom Instruction that Works
Multiple Intelligences (Gardner’s Intelligences)
Professional Learning Communities
School-wide theme-based project
Electric Car
Collaborative Teaming
Technology student centered classroom
Standards-based lesson plan development aligning core content areas to technical tracks
(construction, automotive, etc)