Infusing Technology for the 21st Century Classroom
Top 25 websites for teaching and learning

Top Web 2.0 Tech Tools to foster Collaboration in Teaching and Learning
1. Blogs

Teaching Tips: Using Online Journals and Blogs


Lesson Plans

All about Computers

ISTE Lesson Plans

The Gateway A DOE sponsored site for lesson plans

Technology in the Classroom

100 ideas for Document Camera

23 Things that you can do on the Web to explore and expand your knowledge of Web 2.0.


Partnership for 21st Century Skills

Vision of Students Today
Generation Y
Top 10 Social Networks for Generation Y

The Amazing Web 2.0 project book

Supervising the 21st Century Classroom. Making the most of web 2.0 tools

Top 1000 web 2.0 tools

Cybrary Man's Educational Web Sites

Google Tools
Google Search Tools

Google Search Basics

Google Advanced Search

Google Advanced Scholar Search

Google Gadgets Google Tools Google DocsiGoogle Labs Google Earth

RealPlayer for Youtube Downloads.
Once you downloaded RealPlayer, open youtube, find a video, copy the url, open realplayer, go to file-open and copy the url in the box. Once realplayer starts the video, it will ask if you want to download this video. It will save it in my video folder.

Seven Categories of Educational Technology
Word processing software/applications:-- Word – - - Google Docs - - MyAccess
Spreadsheet software/Applications: -- Excel - - -- InspireData - Google spreadsheets
Organizing & Brainstorming software/Applications: - - Inspiration -- Brainstorm -- - Smart Ideas -- Visual Mind/MindMapper -- Bubbl
Many Eyes
Multimedia-- iMovie - -MS MovieMaker - -- Adobe PhotoShop - MS PowerPoint - - Keynote - - - - - Impress--Alice Storyteller
Data Collection tools/software:-- Probeware - - USB Microscopes (simulation)
Web Resource: Simulations - - Virtual tours - - applets - - movies - - - pictures -- Social Networking -
Communication Software:Blogs - - -VoIP -- Podcasts - - -Wikis ---- email - - VodcastsGlogster Eyes - Create Visuals in 3 easy steps

Wikis and Blogs
Green Schools Wiki
Difference between Wiki and Blog
Silk Road to Green Generations wiki
Shodor Interative Math
Future Channel
Science Buddies
Online Comic Maker
Hippo Campus
Voice Thread
GeoGerba free online graphic organizer
Great Textbook Wars
STEM Resources
NASA Education home page
NASA A to Z Index
NOAA education home page
Design Sqaud
Center for Innovation and Engineering in Science Education
City Technology
Video Resources
Shift Happens -
A Vision of Students Today -
Creatively Speaking, Part Two: Sir Ken Robinson on the Power of the Imaginative Mind -
Generation G - >
Social Media Revolution
TED, the Sixth Sense
Learning to Change-Changing to Learn

Text to Voice

ReadPlease 2003 free Download

Teacher Productivity Tools
You Send It - Large file transfer
Mega Upload
Google Docs
Survey Monkey
Thinkature - Online collaboration file
Does Twitter Have Educational Uses?

Online Survey Sites
Find or Make Your Own Graphic Organizer
/ Rubric rubricstar – Basic free
Use Words to create graphic organizers

Digital Permanence

Social Networking in the Classroom

Social Bookmarking sites

Social sites from Education World

125 social bookmarking sites

List of Social Software

More Web 2.0 Tools
rubricstarFlickr photos
From Questions to Concepts video
Class poll
WatchKnow: Videos for Kids to Learn From
National Education Technology Plan
Wikispaces Tutorial
Google Custom Search
Ning Tutorial
Ning Tutorial
Edmodo Tutorial
Edmodo Tutorial
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects
Collaborative Projects from Stevens
Google Docs Use in Education
Story Tools
Fan Fiction
Audacity Tutorial
Jing Project Tutorials
Create flash activities
Google Cheat Sheet
Crossing Boundary Lines,0,6795209,full.story
Newspapers Around the Country/World
Webquest Resources
Webquest Resources 2
Wiki use in a world language class
Webquest Sample
Teacher blogging about Skype
Interesting use of Skype in home bound instruction
Create online digital stories and have other students comment.
Online digital flashcards
Kahn Academy: high quality education to anyone, anywhere
MIT Open Courseware
Free Website creator

Hear why and how Twitter is used in schools,

features Lisa Thumann from Rutgers
The White House Twitters
Social Networking in High School
Sweet Search
Top Ten Free Tools for Young Learners
21st Century Supervision Moodle Classroom
Multi tasking?
Links searched keywords and brings up paragraphs containing keyword from search results.

43 Ways to Use Wordle
Inaugural Wodles

NING Example
What Lincoln would have Twittered//
Twenty-Seven Interesting Ways* to use Twitter in the Classroom
Twitter Lists
Politics Tweet
Twitter in Plain English
Free online file converter
Best Educational Wikis of 2009
Download streaming videos ...
Asia Society
Peace Corps
Google Earth Literature Trips
Annotate Social Bookmarking
Skype Projects
NY Times Inaugural Addresses Wordle from 1789 to present
Create a PLN from Bernie Dodge
Digital Nation Clips from Thinkfinity
Blooms Digital Taxonomy
Tufts Accepts 1 Min. You Tube Video w/Application